Britney Spears Drug Stash Found

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I can’t believe this guy is still around.  I thought he was like deported or something.

The NY Daily News

Britney Spears’ former friend Sam Lutfi claims drug-sniffing dogs found a secret stash of crystal meth in her house during the dark months before her infamous meltdown.

Lutfi, now suing Spears and her parents for defamation, says he unleashed the drug-hunting hounds in her home on June 13, 2007, and “they found a cache of crystal methedrine, which was destroyed,” a court filing obtained by the Daily News states.

The bombshell allegation surfaced in Lutfi’s uphill battle to have Spears testify at his defamation trial slated to start next week.

Spears, 30, is now under a successful court-ordered conservatorship run by her dad Jamie Spears and her fiancé Jason Trawick, and her handlers claims she’s too incompetent to take the stand.

I remember Britney’s meltdown.  It was very sad.  You know what’s even more sad?  Lindsay Lohan is worse off than Britney probably ever was, and NO ONE cares enough to step in like how Britney’s dad did.


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