Damn It Chris

I know a lot of people don’t like Chris Brown.  I mean A LOT of people, and while I don’t condone beating a woman period, I also don’t condone a man getting beat just because he’s a man and the offender just so happens to be a woman.  With that being said, I really am hoping he can get his act together and these “Chris Brown is the Devil” stories can stop.

Digital Spy

Chris Brown tested positive for marijuana use while in his home state of Virginia, a judge has told a Los Angeles court.

Judge Patricia Schnegg disclosed results of the random drug test during Brown’s latest probation review hearing on Monday (September 24), and reminded the singer to be conscious of his public profile during the sitting.“You are not an average person sitting in a living room,” Judge Schnegg is quoted as saying in the Los Angeles Times. “You are not only in the public eye, but you are on probation.”

Brown told his probation officer that he had smoked the drug in California, but failed the test in Virginia, where he was undertaking community service.

The judge, who noted that Brown has a medicinal marijuana card from California, ordered that no further action was to be taken at this stage following the failed test on June 18, 2012. She explained that the singer had not been ordered to submit to mandatory drug testing as part of his probation.However, Judge Schnegg did set a further probation review hearing for November 1, and asked for a supplemental probation report to be prepared.

You know what’s so sickening about all of this?  A lot of the media is and are going to continue to report this as if the guy did something wrong.  Mind you, its marijuana that he tested positive for (nothing else, so no other news outlets, Chris isn’t a crack head), and he has a card for it, so it’s technically legal, and again, IT’S FREAKING MARIJUANA, who even cares about that ish anymore?


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