I Actually Feel Bad for Lindsay Lohan

I know I talk a lot of ish about Lindsay, but personally I truly blame her parents for everything Lindsay has become.  I get that she’s grown now, however, if you’ve never been taught a lick of sense or been around anyone with a lick of sense, and then you are going to end up like how Lindsay ended up.  I really don’t think she CAN get any help.  Really, how many people are going to go against their parents? And like I said, if everyone and everything you’ve EVER been around has been like it is now, then why would you believe anything is wrong.  And that there is the crux of everything.  Lindsay truly BELIEVES she is ok, and she truly BELIEVES the things she says.

Regardless, she didn’t deserve this.

NBC Chicago

Lindsay Lohan was assaulted in her Manhattan hotel room early Sunday morning by a man she met at a night club, police sources said.

According to law enforcement officials, Lohan told police she got into an argument with a 25-year-old man she brought to her room after meeting him 1 Oak in Chelsea.

The argument was allegedly over photos the man took of Lohan on his cell phone while they were in her 15th floor room at the W Hotel near Union Square with some of Lohan’s friends.

Police have identified the man as Christian LaBella, of California.

Lohan told detectives that at around 4:30 a.m. she saw photos of her on LaBella’s phone, confronted him about the them and took his phone. LaBella then threw her on the bed causing scratches on her hands, police sources said.

Ok, so yes, in the real world, we know not to grab someone’s phone, but like I said, Lindsay seriously does not live in the real world.  I really wish someone would kidnap her and not let her go until she is seriously cured.  Although at this point, I would say Lindsay has a serious personality disorder, and there’s no fixing it or hell even working on it right now.  Sadly, she’s going to end up dying broke, alone, and a big joke.  It really is sad when you think about it.


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