Live Your Life Even If It’s Not Where You Want It To Be

You know those old high school movies?  The one’s where there is always some loser at THE PARTY of the year, and he’s the loser trying to relive his high school glory days.  You know, the one with his old high school football jersey, that’s two sizes to small, on, trying to hit on all the new freshman girls, despite the fact he graduated from college like 5 years ago.  Ok, well try not to be that guy.

The Love Project Inc.:

Having dreams related to work or family is a good thing.  But, not enjoying life because we haven’t achieved those dreams yet – is not.

We all have goals in our lives.  They can be a better job, a partner, a family, or time.  Whatever your goals are, some will happen and some won’t.  And some will happen in a different way than you had imagined; that’s called life.

On the path of achieving our dreams sometimes we stop fully enjoying our moments because in the back of our minds our present situation is not perfect.  Once that thought takes hold we stop fully being present and experiencing.

The point is; we should experience as much as possible every opportunity that presents itself to us.  Holding ourselves back because we don’t have the money, job, partnership or whatever else we want, won’t get us to our goals any sooner.

So, we can work towards our goals all the while making the most of what it already is.

This is so true, and I try to live my life like this daily.  Even if I don’t get to accomplish everything I want to accomplish, I know that I have accomplished enough in my life that I will not be 75 years old, wishing I had lived my dream, and you should aspire to make that your goal as well.  Go on out and enjoy how wonderful your life is right now.  It’s fine to want to make it better, but just try to keep remembering how good it is now.  You know how you don’t become that guy I described up above?  Live your life.  If you have a dream, achieve it.  Even if you think it’s un-achievable, at least you tried.


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