Mimi Faust Regrets Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

I’m so sick of this chick.  I actually felt bad for her in the beginning, but then when she decided she wanted to go on a rant at all of the fans of Love and Hip Hop, because she wasn’t happy that we could all see what an idiot and an asshole she was, I decided I was done with this chick and she deserves NO SYMPATHY.  I actually feel worse for Joseline then I do for her.  She needs to just get over the fact she was the side chick for 15 years and it took the cheating being on NATIONAL TELEVISION before she would “leave” (mind you though, the dude has been fucking other women for YEARS, and it def seemed like they were still together on the reunion show).

Anyways, now she regrets doing the show that showed the nation and her daughter what a dumb ass she truly is.

The Urban Daily:

When your man Stevie (Sleazy) J gets another woman pregnant and continues to see her after you discovered their affair, it is not going to be smooth sailing. “I didn’t enjoy the experience because it was a surprise to me. It was absolutely awful”.

Mimi said she didn’t know about anything that was happening until it aired on television. “I watched it unravel and unfold, just like everybody else. When I film and I tape, that’s the only thing I know what’s going on. They don’t tell us anything. They keep us in the complete dark.”

Even though Mimi went through such a trying time she says it won’t keep her from returning for a second season. Shocker.

What a shocker.  This thirsty bitch is returning for another season.  I’m so sick of her.  Truthfully I hope she gets all types of hurt and ish on the show.  I just have a lot of contempt for this chick.  Seriously, she has a daughter, why hasn’t she decided to put her Big Girl Panties on and grow up by now is beyond me.


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