Soulja Boy and Diamond on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

I love Erica Dixon, I really do, but I SOOOOO want this to be true.  I’ve heard a lot of rumors about it, and I’m hoping Mona Scott Young can get it done.

Uptown Magazine

Soulja Boy has reportedly confirmed he and girlfriend Diamond are joining the cast of the VH1 hit series “Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta.” The two new cast members are sure to bring tension to the already drama-filled show. Up-and-coming southern rapper Diamond is the ex-girlfriend of Lil’ Scrappy.

The trailing storyline from Season 1, according to Erica Dixon–Scrappy’s new fiance, Scrappy dumped Erica for Diamond. Not long after, Diamond left Scrappy for Soulja Boy. Scrappy later went crawling back to Erica. (Are you keeping up?) The two are now engaged, with Scrappy popping the long-awaited question to Erica at the “Love And Hip-Hop: Atlanta” reunion early this month.

Filming for the new season is expected to begin in October. Surely, this is more than enough slow-churning southern drama for any “Love And Hip-Hop” fan to look forward to.

Please, Reality TV Gods let this happen.  Look, I’m not even going to try to lie.  I love the ratchetness that is Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and I am not sorry for it.  The ish is PURE entertainment.  Can you just imagine all of the ratchetedy goodness we would get to see if Diamond and Soulja Boy were on the show?  Ooooo imagine if Buckeye came back (I refuse to call her Shay, she made her Flava Flav bed and now she will have to lie in it)?  Ugh I can’t wait until the new season airs.



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