Baby Does Not Equal Man

There’s something that women do that I really don’t understand.  They have a baby with a man that they know is no good for them, in order to keep that no good man in their lives.  I don’t get this selfish act.  I mean to do this is really the trifecta of selfishness.  Not only are you ruining this man’s life (regardless of whether he ends up happy about the baby, the fact of the matter is he didn’t want to have a baby with you, if he did he would’ve put a ring on it, and would be treating you with the love and respect you deserve, obviously that’s not happening or you wouldn’t be deciding to have a baby to “keep him”), but you are also ruining your life (by having a baby that you were not prepared for, emotionally and probably financially, tying yourself to a man for the rest of your life that does not want you and probably does not respect you, and by potentially raising a kid that is going to end up hating you) and the baby’s life (bringing a kid into a world where the parents aren’t happy about THEM, is not a good idea EVER).

This seems to be an ongoing epidemic, and I really wish women and men, yes men to, would respect themselves and the sanctity of what actually having a kid means, and stop having children out of wedlock and stop bringing kids into the world they don’t want.

Men need to stop telling women they want them to have their baby, but not telling them they want them to have their last name.  I always say, if I’m good enough to carry your baby, I am good enough to have your last name, and if a man I meet doesn’t feel that way, then he is no longer a part of my life.  I can’t afford my future children to end up having daddy issues because I felt I NEEDED a man, for all the wrong reasons and not the right ones.

So, I say this to both men and women; think before you decide to have a kid.  Once you have a baby with someone you are stuck with them (and whoever they decide to bring into their lives if you two happen to break up) for the rest of your life, and that baby is stuck with you for the rest of your life as well.  Don’t make the kid pay because you want to be selfish.  If you really want to be selfish, go take your payroll check and blow it at the mall, or blow it on some big electronic purchase.  At least that way you are only hurting yourself.


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