Women Stop Taking It

You know, the writer of this article does have a point.  That’s one manly quality I am so glad I have, the ability to Take it or Leave it.

Via Madame Noire:

My enlightenment came about during an all-male panel event I attended Saturday night. In front of a room of about 100 or so women, six men were candid about their thoughts on monogamy, commitment, independent women, and all the other questions women are dying to know about why men are the way that they are. Despite the differing thoughts on traditional male-female roles, why men need to have it all together before they get married, and whether it’s possible to be faithful, there appeared to be one common thread between all the men on the panel. In their late 20s and 30s they were who they were, and their attitude toward the women in the lives – past and present—was if you don’t like it, you are free to leave.

That statement reads a lot harder than it sounded during the event. Well, actually maybe not, but nevertheless I respected it. For instance, when the topic of why it takes longer for men to be ready to walk down the aisle, the gist of the responses was men aren’t taught to anticipate settling down one day and so it takes them a little more time to embrace the thought and get on the married train. But the bottom line was they are on their own timeline to being ready and they’re not going to adjust that simply because a great woman (i.e. you) comes along. The great thing, though, is we also have our own timeline and if it doesn’t match up with his, guess what? We are free to leave.

See that’s the part we as women tend to forget. We think men are the only ones with watches and we have to stammer along without paying any mind to our biological clocks. Oh, we know it’s ticking we just act like we don’t have a hand in quieting the sound by finding a partner whose watch is actually in sync with ours. The truth is, no one holds us hostage in relationships but ourselves and the same way men plainly remind us that we’re free to leave, we need to revel in that freedom.

That’s right ladies.  If you don’t like it, f it.  If that man is getting on your nerves, not returning your phone calls, or just generally not treating you like the queen you deserve to be treated like, then you need to leave it.  If you decide to take it, then do just that, take it.  Own up to the fact you decided to keep dealing with the BS, and deal with the BS.  Personally though, I say why?  Why deal with a man’s BS if you don’t have to, and that’s what we forget, that we don’t have to deal with the crap.  If the man is a good man, treats you right, takes care of home, etc. then yes, give him a chance, treat him right, and stand by him when he makes mistakes.  But if he keeps making mistakes or is just blatantly disrespectful to you, then you need to leave that alone and move on, because there are plenty of men around that would feel honored to treat you like the queen you are.


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