Lil Wayne is Powerful

LMFAO, I knew there had to be an explanation for my inexplicable love of Lil Wayne.

Via TMZ:

TMZ has obtained multiple videos of Wayne’s hilariously bizarre court depositions, showing the YMCMB star speaking with Jones’ lawyer. “Specifically, they are videos of Lil Wayne claiming to be psychic, pleading a level of crippling forgetfulness that would make him a prime candidate for a 50 First Dates-inspired reality show, and, occasionally, threatening an attorney,” describes Gawker’s Caity Weaver. She adds, “More broadly, they are videos of Lil Wayne being crazy.” 

Jones’ lawyer Pete Ross confirmed to MTV News that the footage was from the actual depositions with Weezy. The footage was edited. Ross did not go into further detail, as the trial is set to begin in two weeks.  When Ross asks Wayne about a 2007 performance with Kanye West and his 2008 gun arrest in New York, the New Orleans native claimed to have no recollection of the events saying “I don’t know.” When the lawyer pressed further, Wayne interrupted him, blurting “I don’t know!” The judge on-hand told the rapper to wait until the lawyer finished, to which Wayne responded, “I’m sorry that’s my psychic, I’m sorry.”

LMFAO, ok I want you readers to try and tell me that didn’t make you smile and giggle just a little?  Well if it didn’t then you have a cold, cold, icy, black heart LMAO, because that ish is funny.  While reading the above, did anyone else picture Lil Wayne saying this while going it’s Weezy F Baby?  No?  Ok well neither did I ***slowly walks out of the room whistling with hands in pockets, looking up at the sky innocently*****


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