When to Just Let Things Go


It’s hard to break up.  I personally think that for the most part it’s not only hard for the person who got broke up with, but I also believe it can be hard for the person who is actually choosing to end the relationship.  Sometimes it’s hard to let go of someone even though you know they aren’t good for you, or that you aren’t good for them, but a lot of the times, it’s best.

I’ve been broken up with a few times, and I have to say that later on down the line I realized that the break up was a good thing and that the person who broke up with me actually did me a favor.  Now I’m not saying that’s always the case, but a lot of the times, it is.

Via Your Tango:

It’s common for people to struggle with breakups. So, what’s the best way to cut your ties?

In this video, author, relationship coach and YourTango Expert Charly Emery says that there’s a simple answer to this tough predicament. Don’t wait to break it off because “the longer you stay in the situation, the harder it’s going to get for you and the more that you’re going to resent him which means then, the breakup, which is inevitable, is probably going to be a lot harder and emotionally charged than it needs to be.”

The author of this video had a lot of good points, and the one highlighted in the article was one of the best ones.  It’s so true, the longer you drag out a relationship, the worse it’s going to be when it inevitably ends, so it’s best to just end it and cut your loses early.


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