Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana Together at Last

Lil Wayne - Awkward

Ok, so back in the day, I had the BIGGEST crush on Juelz, so him and Lil Wayne together make my lady parts all happy.


Juelz Santana and Lil Wayne have a ton of collaborations under their belt, even if a bulk of them have gone unheard. While fans are still waiting for the official release of their tag-team I Can’t Feel My Face project, Elz and Weezy are about to take things a step further on the Harlem spitter’s long-awaited third solo LP, Born to Lose, Built to Win. Juelz chose“RapFix Live” to make the special announcement.

“I went out to Miami to chop it up with Wayne. I actually asked him to executive produce my album, Born to Lose,” Santana revealed Wednesday (December 5) when he sat on the red couch with MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway.

It’s pretty safe to say that at least 3 of the songs from this album are going to be on my MP3 Player.


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