Rihanna and Chris Brown Getting Married?

Rihanna and Chris Brown Getting Married

So Rihanna posted the above picture on Twitter, and everyone is going crazy saying it’s an engagement ring.

I think it’s 50/50, it’s obvious Rihanna loves Chris, and personally I think Chris loves Rihanna (I don’t really believe anyone would release the statement he released if there wasn’t some form of felling there), however, I’m just not quite sure (and yes I know there’s the issue of the beating that happened, however, like I’ve said, I’ve been abused before, and the WORST thing you can do is not support the victim, voice your opinion sure, but still always be there, this is what Rihanna wants, so be it.  Not to mention NO ONE was in that car but those two).

Via MediaTakeOut:

There are further rumours Rihanna could be walking down the aisle at the end of the year. The star has allegedly told friends to keep New Year’s Eve free, with pals convinced the couple are planning a surprise wedding.

I know MediaTakeOut is usually quite unreliable, but there have been a TON of reports on the internet on various websites about Rihanna either wanting to have a baby and/or marry Chris in 2013.  Either way, 2013, is going to be a fun year.



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