Rihanna Strikes Back

Rihanna Strikes Back

Let’s be real, Rihanna will ALWAYS say what’s on her mind, and personally I say screw it, I mean normal people overreact ALL THE TIME.

Via Sugar Scape:

The photo recieved thousands of likes and comments, but it seems Ri-Ri didn’t appreciate one follower comparing her to Whitney Houston – who tragically died due to the effects of chronic cocaine use and heart disease. 

“She is going to end like Whitney if she keep doing drugs like she’s doing right now [sic]” wrote the fan this week.

A comment not ‘well recieved’ by Ri, who replied: “yea cuz Whitney overdosed on a joint!! Fuck outta here u weak bitch!!”.

That fan was obviously looking for her 15 minutes of fame, and let’s be real, comparing Rihanna to Whitney Houston is WAAAAAYYYYY off base (although there have been A LOT of rumors about Rihanna dabbling in Heroin or other stronger drugs), but still, until we see some HARD evidence, let’s all agree that Weed is not going to kill Rihanna, maybe make her fat sure, but definitely not kill her.


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