The Kardashian Empire is Finally Crumbling

Picture Courtsey of Perez Hilton

Picture Courtsey of Perez Hilton

This is the greatest thing EVER.

Via The National Enquirer:

Only two months have passed since Kim, Khloe and Kourtney launched the British version of their Kardashian Kollection for a popular chain of London clothing stores – and the trashy threads are already in the discount bin!

Sources say that the prices on nearly every item being sold at the popular U.K. retailer Dorothy Perkins have been slashed, with some garments already labeled at 50 percent off!

“It’s very embarrassing for the Krdashian girls,” one source told The Enquirer. “All of the clothes are just sitting on the racks, taking up space. No one is buying them, and it’s such a pitful sight. The store just wants to clear them all out so they can be replaced with items that actually sell.”

But let’s not think that Kim got pregnant for publicity. *MAJOR SIDE EYE*


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