Lindsay Lohan is Still Trash

Picture Courtesy of Eonline

Picture Courtesy of Eonline

I’m going to be completley honest, at this point I’m running out of fun ways to basically say Lindsay Lohan is a hot ass mess.  But anyways, I could’ve sworn everyone in the free world knew that Lindsay Lohan will steal, wreck, ruin, and try to kill, any and everything, but apparently the producers of “Million Dollar Decerators,” all live under rocks.

Via Huffington Post:

We have to admit, we were a little disheartened to watch Million Dollar Decorator’s season finale after learning that Lindsay Lohan’s home, which Kathryn Ireland had decorated, was back on the market. But being true decor junkies, we had to watch to see Ireland’s vision come to life and her designs definitely perked us right up!

The show kicked off with Ireland, Lohan and designer Martyn Bullard picking out wood floors for Lohan’s bedroom. As we learned in the previous episode, Lohan wanted to have rooms similar to that of Paris’ Plaza Athenee hotel, craving “French-cottage-shabby-chic” designs. And the actress was ecstactic when Ireland picked out the white-bleached floors she had her own eyes on. And things continued to go great at Grange when the duo picked out a $2,500 grey chaise lounge and $800 desk for LiLo’s bedroom.

However, it soon got messy when Lohan was in a car accident and texted Ireland “I’m on a stretcher texting you. Will you come?” Being Lohan’s therapist, oh, we mean designer, Ireland ran to Lohan’s side but wasn’t allowed to see her. So, Ireland did what any good therap–designer would do and continued work on Lohan’s house, following through with the idea of making the home a haven for the actress. “I’m hoping this house will be part of the new Lindsay,” she said.

I would also like to point out, that according to Enty, from Crazy Days and Nights, Lindsay sold all of the stuff that the producers used to decorate her home with (foolishly they tried to get it back, and that’s when they learned, you just don’t mess with the Lohan).

Silly greedy producers.


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