Oh Lil Wayne, Please No

Picture Courtesy of ESPN

Picture Courtesy of ESPN

Why, dear God Lil Wayne, why would you do this?


Rapper-turned-skateboarder Lil Wayne inked Baker Skateboard’s “Baked” graphic on his forehead and a Deathwish Skateboards logo next to his eye.

Rapper and skateboarding enthusiast Lil Wayne recently added two new tattoos to his face in the form of Baker skateboards and Deathwish skateboards logos. He got Baker Skateboards’ “Baked” logo on the right side of his forehead. Below that, closer to his right eye, is a small Deathwish Skateboards logo. Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Carter Jr., already had New York-based 5Boro Skateboards pigeon logo near his right ear. 

I get it, he loves, and breathes for skateboarding, but COME ON.  Getting skateboarding brands tatooed on your face is just TOOOO much.  I know the main thing you are all wondering is would I still hit it, and the answer is yes.  Yes I would.  Like a drum as a matter of fact.  I’d tap that shit so hard…. You know what, nevermind.  I will not continue this.  But rest assured, yes, yes I would still have sex with Lil Wayne, happily.


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