Poor Taylor Swift

Picture Courtesy of Inquisitr

Picture Courtesy of Inquisitr

On one hand I feel bad for her, it sucks to end a relationship, it also must suck that EVERYTIME you end a relationship, it’s on the cover of EVERY magazine, and in EVERY blog for WEEKS.  However, on the other hand, I feel like she purposely dates assholes, so she will always have material, and if that’s the case, then I am glad she’s a laughing stock of Hollywood,

Via Hollywood Life;

What Tina & Amy Said About Taylor

“You know what Taylor Swift?” Tina said. “You stay away from Michael J Fox’s son!”

Amy said: “Or go for it, go for it.” To which Tina responded: “She needs some ‘me’ time to think about herself.” Ouch! Now that’s embarrassing to be said in a room full  of celebs and on national TV!

Taylor’s Not So Great Night

Taylor showed up wearing a very severe look. She had her hair pulled back tight and she wore a very grown up gown. But she came solo to the show and it was clear she wasn’t happy about it. She was up for Best Original Song against Adele for “Skyfall” and she lost.

It’s understandable that Taylor is having a tough time, she just broke up with Harry Styles!

The camera cut to Taylor’s face and it was clear she was upset. Then HollywoodLife.comconfirmed that Taylor left shortly after the jab.

Oh and in other Taylor Swift news, apparently her ticket sales have dropped a significant amount ever since her and Harry Styles broke up.

Damn, and you thought you were having a rough week.


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