Teresa Giudice Gives Marriage Advice

Teresa Giudice Gives Marriage Advice

Did she watch the same episode we did?  You know, the one where her husband was OBVIOUSLY talking to some chick he was (and probably is) still cheating on her with?

Nevermind, this chick is so freaking crazy, she probably truly believes that crap that he spouted on the reunion show (I don’t fully remember, but I believe he said it was a worker he was talking to, or some crap like that, which maybe he’s right, but I bet that worker is female.)

Via Radar Online:

Teresa Giudice’s marriage to Joe Giudice has been on the rocks for a while but that isn’t stopping her from giving advice to brides-to-be,RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is making an appearance Tuesday night at the Coral House on Milburn Lake’s First Annual Brides of LI Expo and she’s going to dish on the good times in her marriage, not the bad!

“Teresa is speaking and she’s going to talk about how to have a happy marriage, how to be a good wife,” a source exclusively toldRadarOnline.com.

“She isn’t planning to say anything bad about Joe, or any of their problems. She doesn’t ever want to reveal the problems in their marriage, and she certainly isn’t going to it in front of a whole room of hopeful brides.”

Teresa reminds me of htis chick I used to know.  You could tell her the sky is blue, and she would sit there and swear up and down that you were wrong and the sky was purple.  After awhile, you kind of start to feel sorry for those types of people.  You get to wondering, what exactly is SOOO bad about your life, that you can’t deal with ANY form of reality AT ALL.

Either way, I am dumb excited for the new season.


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