Vanderpump Rules is Actually a Good Show

Picture Courtesy of Cheeky Chicago

Picture Courtesy of Cheeky Chicago

Can I just say, this show is my new crack?  I’m talking, I’m having a whole weekend of watching it on, On Demand, and I have def set my DVR, to record it.  Stassi is like my favorite person to truly dislike, I swear, I don’t know if I should feel bad for this chick, or hate her.  It’s obvious she’s a little girl who needs to grow up, however a 32 year old man, who seems to be perfectly happy having his GF yell at him like a little boy (I’m guessing just so he doesn’t have to go out on his own and live by himself), and that is just NOW realizing, “gee maybe I should give up on the whole modeling thing,” can get QUITE annoying.  So I am kind of on her side for how she deals with him. Oh and on a side note: I fucking looooovvvveee Lisa Vanderpump, this is the first time I’ve watched her on TV (I know she’s a Real Housewife, but her series was waaaayyyy to boring), and she made me FALL IN LOVE WITH HER, totes INSTANTLY.

Via Radar Online:

The day of the parade, Stassi and her boyfriend Jax were having some serious relationship problems.

So serious, in fact, that Jax spent the entire night before sleeping in his truck, parked outside their apartment.

“I’m a f*cking” amazing catch,” Stassi modestly told him.

Jax, a hunky former model, must have forgotten that for a moment, because on parade day Marie helped rub sunscreen on his back, which sent Stassi through the roof because she thinks Schaena is a “home-wrecking whore” for having an affair with Cibrian, while he was still married to Brandi Glanville.

Later at a birthday party, Stassi let Jax know that she was fed up with him.

“You’re a good boyfriend 70-percent of the time,” Stassi later told Jax at a birthday party, noting that the rest of the time he’s “absolute sh*t.”

“You need to realize what it’s like to not have me,” she said.

Again, it’s kind of hard to totally sypmathize with her and to totally hate her.  On one hand, what chick would want their man around a woman known for sleeping with a married man, on the other hand, 1) that married man was a whore too, and completley creepy and dirty, it wasn’t like she was the first one, and we all know Eddie likes to hit on women, so we don’t know what he said, and 2) no woman can MAKE a man cheat, so therefore it’s not just Schaena’s fault, and I’m pretty sure if Eddie Cibrian were to show up at Sur, Stassi would be falling all over herself for him.

However, their breakup scene was THE BEST EVER, ladies, take a note from Stassi, THAT’S how you break up with a man LOL.


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