Britney Spears Crazy?

Picture Courtesy of Soda Head

Picture Courtesy of Soda Head

Sooo, her “friends” are so worried that Brit Brit is going to lose it again, that they decided to talk to a gossip blog about Brit Brit possibly losing it again.  Yeah, because having your so called friends gossiping about you to a bunch of gossip blogs, is sure to keep you on the path of sanity.

Via The NY Daily News:

Britney’s rock is off — but is she off her rocker? Fired “X Factor” judge Spears drove a car and then went braless this weekend following news her fiancé of one year, Jason Trawick, had called the wedding off. Now her bodyguards are watching her closer than ever.

“Jason was the one that kept her on the straight and narrow, but he didn’t want to baby-sit her anymore,” an insider tells Confidenti@l. “The reason she has the constant bodyguards is for her own good, not other people. This time they’ll deal with any problems before they happen.”

Again, I don’t think this is the best way to keep Brit Brit sane.  Either way, I hope the other rumor is true, that her dad and Jason had a contract going and basically Jason’s contract ran out and wasn’t renewed, and that Brit Brit is realitively sane, however, I’m not too sure about that, because rumor on the set of X Factor was that, everyone was always worried that Brit Brit would eventually crack.  I truly believe they need to just let this chick take her millions and fade off into obsecurity with her children, so she can get better and stay better.

Side Note: the pic I used for the header, always gives me the giggles, I’m truly not sorry for it LMFAO.



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