Chris Brown to Rihanna: “I will be a better man in 2013.”

Picture Courtesy of Examiner

Picture Courtesy of Examiner

It truly would be nice if this was true, but I don’t really think it is.  I think Chris is going to end up hurting both Karrueche and Rihanna, and he will probably leave one if not both of them pregnant and alone.

Via Urban Islandz:

According to the source, that cloud was one of the reasons Breezy didn’t make it to Barbados to spend the Christmas holiday with Rihanna and her family.

“Chris didn’t want to come into that awkward environment and Rihanna understand,” the source added. “On New Years they spend a long time having a heart to heart and Chris new year resolution is to be a better man for Rihanna. He promised her that he will be a better man.”

The source also told us that Rihanna family is slowing coming around.

I sincerely hope for Rihanna’s sake he keeps his promise.


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