Justin Bieber is a “Responsible” 18 Year Old

Picture Courtesy of Hyper Vocal

Picture Courtesy of Hyper Vocal

Hmmm I truly feel like 18 and responsible should not be in the same sentence.

Via TMZ:

Bieber appeared on Jimmy Fallon last night, when the late night host joked about police pulling Bieber’s white Ferrari over … a ludicrous number of times.

Bieber responded, “I don’t do anything. I promise. It looks bad. You see pictures of me getting pulled over, but really the tints are really dark … I need dark tints because I don’t want to cause accidents because people want to take pictures. I just thought it would be more safe for everyone else if I had dark tints.”

He added, “I’m thinking about other people!”

Justin said, “I’m having fun being eighteen and enjoying my life and being responsible.”

Ok look, is Justin a self entitled little prick?  Yes?  However, the kid is only 18 and has a WHOLE lot of money and people willing to do WHATEVER he wants.  Think about how much of a douche bag you were at 18.  Now imagine if you were Justin Bieber popular.  Yeah that’s what I thought LOL.

Oh and in case you are wondering, yes, yes he is groping that girl in the header pic, and yes she does seem a bit annoyed/skeeved out by it.


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