Phaedra Parks Throws More Shade

Picture Courtesy of

Picture Courtesy of

I love the Real Housewives of Atlanta, but I have to ask, what the hell is going on with Phadrea Park’s wardrobe this season?  I know they were trying to hide her pregnancy or whatever, but DAAMMMN, can they please get this woman a shirt that fits and some pants that she can breathe in?

Via Buzz TV:

On Kenya Moore’s drinking in Anguilla:

Here’s the thing… she did drink quite a bit on the trip. And so when people are under the influence of Alcohol and other substances. Can they form the… the mental capacity to determine if they are making the right decisions?

I gave her a pass the first time when she threw him (Apollo) in the pool cause I knew she had been hanging out with the guys taking shots… she had been taking taquilla shots with the guys…

And then when she came with the question (about the threesome) that just burned my biscuits.

Phaedra on her “friendship” with Kenya Moore:

She can be delusional at times. I don’t see how we could be such “close friends” because I have more interactions with the bag boy than with her.

Phaedra on Nene Leakes:

I have nothing against Nene… we’re from the same hometown. She has an issue with me.

It’s been really strange over the years. One minute we’re talking, the next minute she’s bashing me… I don’t know what it is.

At the end of the day, her friendship doesn’t pay the bills in Buckhead where I stay.

Phaedra on what Cynthia had to say about her son (FYI, I don’t really think Cynthia was trying to throw SHADE at little Ayden, I think that was more towards his mother)

What do you expect a 2 year old to do?

That’s what 2 year olds do.  He’s not used to being in a room with A LOT of people like that.

Anyone who is a parent first of all understands that a 2 year is kinda off limits to me.

Unless your child came and broke every dish in my house, I would never make an ill comment about a child. Because… it’s a child.

As if we didn’t need even more proof that these “reality shows” are all fake and scripted. SMDH.


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