Caption This: Let Love Live

Caption This

Alright now girl, don’t pop off too much, fuck around and get got.  I’m just going to say this, I think tats are sexy and hot as hell, however, they need some form of meaning, and when you get something like ‘Vinton” tattoed on you, it makes you wonder, what the hell is she talking about.  Because frankly tattooing your “niggas” name on you, is dumb as hell, especially since your “nigga” is probably fucking a few other “ride or die” bitches.

@Juicyyy_J85 Dgaf bout these #haters as long as my #nigga #love ME #realbitchshit #rideORdie #boutthatlif3″  <—- What Miss Becky had to say about her tat

Help me and Caption This.


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