Grammy Awards Tea Time

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Picture Courtesy of

It’s time, it’s time, it’s time for some Grammy tea:

Via Gossip Jacker:

Rihanna – She was PISSED! Before putting her dress on, she was talking with her management about making an appearance with Chris Brown on the red carpet……BAD IDEA! I saw her smiling like a school girl in that fitting room……until she finally put that dress on and in walked Jay Z. “It’s not a good look baby girl. You don’t need to walk the carpet with him. I don’t know you guys situation but be smarter than that” is what I over heard Jay telling her. Melissa [who seems to be getting fed up with Rih] shook her head in anger because I would assume she said the same thing to her about it. The plan was for her and Chris to arrive together in a pearl white Range Rover with candy apple red interior [just in time for Valentine’s Day] but plans were scrapped once Jay settled it.

Frank Ocean – I’ve never seen him so nervous before. He was like a deer in headlights, looking and watching for Chris Brown almost the whole night. Frank did have his friends there for support but he wasn’t sure of Chris’ actions and feelings towards him. Them being in the same room? I don’t think Chris was even moved by Frank’s presence but Rihanna told Chris to calm his nerves because Frank is about to start working with Rihanna on new music and she doesn’t want Chris to ruin that business move.

Kelly Clarkson – She was NOT drunk! She went on stage and mentioned she had no clue who Miguel was. She was right. When she got backstage, they exchanged words with each other and he told her to get familiar with his music because he does want to work with her. She apologized to him later that night because of course, social media made it seem like she disrespected him and those weren’t her intentions. He accepted her apology and they exchanged numbers and are scheduled to meet sometime this week.

Justin Timberlake – ASSHOLE! I’ve never seen someone so far up their own ass! This man walks with his nose pointed up like his shit don’t stink! His original plan was to perform “Pusher Love Girl” with an added verse from Jay [who recorded one for the song but will not be included on the official album version] but his label said it would defeat the purpose of Suit and Tie. He yelled at his background singers for quite sometime because they supposedly weren’t hitting the right notes during rehearsal. “I’m saving R&B baby!” is all he kept saying during rehearsals, which was annoying as f**k!

Hmmmm all of this is sooooo awesome.  First of all, it’s been long rumored that Rihanna and Melissa, had a little something-something going on, so could it be that Melissa is not just a worried friend *raises eyebrow* and secondly, I can totes picture Justin Timberlake just walking around, screaming at the top of his lungs, that he’s “saving R&B,” which makes no sense, unless of course Justin has never heard of Trey Songz….


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