Beyonce Says No, No, No to Destiny Child Reunion

Picture Courtesy of Beyonce Online

Picture Courtesy of Beyonce Online

LOL, I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.  You know, I never understood, why people feel that it is the obligation of the “successful” member of any group to comeback if the other members of the group are sucking total ass (side note: I completely love Kelly Rowland, and London shares my love for her as well, however, over in the states, she just can’t seem to get out from under Beyonce’s shadow, poor girl).

Via Entertainmentwise:

Kelly Rowland was reportedly reduced to tears recently after Beyonce rejected the idea of a Destiny’s Child tour.

The band reunited to perform a medley of their former hits for the halftime show of the Super Bowl in New Orleans , Louisiana earlier this month.

However, it seems any chances of working together again in the near future have been scuppered as Beyonce is apparently not willing to tour.

A source told heat magazine: “Kelly was hoping to convince Beyonce to reunite for one more ‘swan song’ album and tour. But Beyonce broke her heart by saying her solo career takes precedence at the moment. Kelly’s devastated.”

And it seems Kelly may be envious of Beyonce’s personal life too as she is married to rapper Jay-Z with whom she shares baby Blue Ivy Carter.

The source said: “Kelly’s sad because she’s getting older and wants a baby and to find love. She’s worried that she’s running out of time.”

Kelly was pictured in floods of tears last week after a birthday lunch with Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z- was this the moment that Bey broke the bad news?

Until someone comes out and says something, I’m calling bullshit on this.  The Destiny Child rumors have been around for years, and I’m going to be honest, the only way I see Beyonce signing on for this is if her and Jay Z divorce.

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