Erin Andrews Doesn’t Like 50 Cent

Erin Andrews Doesn't Like 50 Cent

Ok, physically 50 Cent has a nice body, however, his face always reminds me of a kid with Downs Syndrome, and if you add in the fact, he’s a freaking pervert and sort of disrespectful when it comes to females (seriously, have you ever read his Twitter account?  The only reason I don’t say he is full blown disrespectful is because some of these chicks are just plain outrageous and don’t seem to demand any respect anyways), I would totally dodge kissing him too.  Also, I feel like his breath smells.  Like Cognac and Menthol’s.

Via The NY Daily News:

He’s a P.I.M.P. — but Erin Andrew’s isn’t interested.

A grinning 50 Cent went in for a kiss with the glamorous sideline reporter at the Daytona 500 Sunday and got rejected on national television.

Fox cameras captured the moment Andrews realized 50 Cent was coming in strong with lips pursed.

She awkwardly dodged the smooch and let him lay it on her cheek — then cut off the interview.

“I got to go talk to Danica Patrick,” Andrews said, then adding, “What are you doing here?”

But before the South Jamaica, Queens native could finish his response Andrews was walking away, though the undaunted “Candy Shop” rapper tagged along.

“I’m enjoying myself. I’m enjoying all the festivities,” he said, clearly telling the truth.

The 50 Cent-stonewall is likely the most awkward nationally-broadcast sideline encounter since a drunk Joe Namath slurred at ESPN reporter Suzy Kolber “I want to kiss you” on Monday Night Football in 2003.

Ugh, he grosses me out a lot.  However, I do love Lloyd Banks, and miss him.  He was definitely fine.  Peep the video below:

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