Bitter vs. Better

Bitter vs  Better

Is there a difference between bitter and better?  I found myself asking this very same question

A while back, I was explaining to a gentleman why I was not in any position to start a relationship. I explained the reason was basically because I realized I have issues, and some of my issues actually caused my past breakups.  I stressed before I get into anymore relationships, I refuse to date and/or except the same BS, I used to accept, and I needed to fix my issues.

Now after, I finished talking, this gentleman had the ball to tell me I was bitter, and I found that hilarious.  How am I bitter?  Am I bitter because I refuse to date a man whose idea of a date is to “come over and chill,” am I bitter because I actually would rather spend time with myself, rather than be up underneath some man?  Well, the answer is no.  No, I’m not bitter, I am better.

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she has to stop, and take a look at herself.  If she has a string of failed relationships and she’s in her late to early 30s (or even older), then it’s time for her to stop saying, “There’s no good ENTER RACE HERE men out there,” and instead, start saying, “Maybe there’s something about me that’s attracting no good men.  I need to take a deeper look at myself and change some things.” And that’s what she does.  She takes a look at herself and realizes not only is she accepting “ain’t shit behavior,” but she’s also ignoring signs, all for the sake of saying she has a ma. From that point forward, when  she decides to not accept, “ain’t shit behavior,” and to start loving herself,  that my dears does not mean she’s “bitter,” it means she’s better.

What do you think?

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