What Do You Think?– Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus

What do You Think

It’s time again for everyone’s favorite segment: “What do you think?”

So hit the JUMP below to find out what today’s question is.

Picture Courtesy of nationalquestiononline.com

Picture Courtesy of nationalquestiononline.com

Why do you think men can’t just have a conversation?  

I found myself today wondering this very same thing.  Now, what sparked this, you ask?  Well, there’s this gentleman, let’s just call him X.

Now X, seems to not only think it’s cool to lace ALL conversations with sexual innuendo, but he also thinks it’s cute that he hasn’t read a book in years, and that the only true thing that matters is money and pussy (his words, not mine), despite the fact I have made it VERY clear to him, that 1) I really am not interested in any form of sex conversation, or activity, and 2) that I actually like to read, shop, and basically do a lot of other things that does not include sex, so this made me ask, why can’t men just have a conversation.

I mean, if there is a chick that is not interested in fucking you, but you are still interested in talking to her, then why not try to have an actual CONVERSATION with her.  You know, read a book, talk about something other than rolling up, or how big your dick is.

So, how about it guys, what do you think can men just have conversations or is it hopeless?

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