What do you Think? – She’s Just Not That Into You

What do You Think

It’s time again for everyone’s favorite segment: “What do you think?”

So hit the JUMP below to find out what today’s question is.

Picture Courtesy of www.joeydevilla.com

Picture Courtesy of http://www.joeydevilla.com

Why do certain men feel it’s appropriate to down a woman just because they aren’t interested in them?

For instance, ladies, have you ever had a man hit on you and then when you politely decline, he decides it’s his time to start talking major crap about you, either to your face or to his boys?  Why do you think men feel the need to do this?  I mean really, it’s quite sad and annoying.

And for the fellas who like to down women when they turn them down, what is your problem exactly?

So, how about it guys, what do you think?

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