What Do You Think – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

What do You Think

It’s time again for everyone’s favorite segment: “What do you think?”

So hit the JUMP below to find out what today’s question is.

They say breaking up is hard to do, but I find everyone loves a great break up story.  So dear readers:

What is your best break up story?

Picture Courtesy of creoleindc.typepad.com

Picture Courtesy of creoleindc.typepad.com

A pilot buddy of mine in Viet Nam took R&R in Hawaii.

And since he got his dates confused, his wife and his nurse mistress both were there to meet the plane. He lost both of them!

Fortunately there were plenty of other candidates when he returned to Nam so he was recovering within a week or so.

-Michael via Yahoo Answers

My first wife tried to blow me up. I was taking her to the bus station to ship her home to San Diego. She had told me not to mess with the stove before we left. I get back home and all the burners are on with no fire. She was going to blow me the cat and the neighbor skyyyyyy high!!!!!!!! And been halfway to Cali before anyone figured out what happened


Leave your funniest, saddest, weirdest break up stories in the comments section.

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