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What do You Think

It’s time again for everyone’s favorite segment: “What do you think?”

So hit the JUMP below to find out what today’s question is.

So Maury Povich has been having a lot of shows lately where men and women are being accused of cheating, but come to find out, they aren’t, and that lead me to, today’s question:

Would you stay with your significant other if they accused you of cheating and they were wrong?

Picture Courtesy of the-gaggle.com

Picture Courtesy of the-gaggle.com

So, how about it guys, what do you think?  Below are what some people I asked had to say:


-Jessica via Yahoo Answers

Being mistrusted and accused of cheating wrongly definitely puts doubts in your mind if your relationship is going to continue with an insecure person long term.

-Thomas T via Yahoo Answers

Yes, but usually people who start accusing you of cheating out of nowhere are the ones cheating on you.

-Tiffany via Yahoo Answers

No…..it would be a matter of time before their insecurity would flare up and they started accusations of the same ilk again…..I would be defending myself constantly besides when there is no trust for any reason…there is no relationship.

-The Original GarnetGlitter via Yahoo Answers

Yes and no. This would be a sign your significant other doesn’t trust you; perhaps he/she was badly burned in a prior relationship and never got over it. Perhaps you gave them reason to not trust you in the past over a totally unrelated matter. Who knows? Bur your S/O clearly doesn’t trust you, or he/she wouldn’t be accusing you of cheating.

Talk it out, figure out WHY they feel you’re cheating. Then, acknowledge their feelings, respect their feelings, and then tell them to grow up and deal with their drama. If they can’t then you show them the door.

-Connor via Yahoo Answers

Yes, I would stay as I would allegedly be innocent. However, with such an accusation, and I am guessing no proof, I can only guess that there has been little or no trust in your relationship.

There is alot more wrong with your relationship than this accusation. You and he/she need to get into counseling and find out what’s really going on.

-Bobbie via Yahoo Answers

Yes. Being wrong is no reason to divorce someone.

– sheloves_dablues via Yahoo Answers

No, because this type of behavior will continue all through your marriage life. You’d be spending most of your time trying to appease him. Not a good idea.

-Whimsy via Yahoo Answers

If I had never cheated on him or ever gave him any reason to believe that I was cheating and he accused me of cheating. He better have one good reason for making such an accusation.

People who falsely accuse their partner of cheating are either insecure, jealous, and fear of losing the person. Or they’re cheating on their partner and trying to cover up their own infidelity by accusing their partner of being the cheater.

If the person is so insecure and jealous to constantly accuse me of cheating, I would have to throw in the towel and leave. If the person is cheating on me, then I have absolutely no use for this person. I’m not going to stay with someone who has no respect for me.

-Betty M Via Yahoo Answers

To me it depends on what the situation is. If I was doing something that made me seem guilty then I would expect my partner to question me about it. If I was doing nothing wrong and my partner just out of the blue started to be jealous and accusing me, I would probably end the relationship. There is nothing worse than being with someone who doesn’t trust you. What I would do is talk it out and find out why my partner thinks this. One more note is sometimes the guilty dog barks first and when your partner accuses you of something it could mean they themselves have something they are hiding. So you should also bring this up in a nice and calm way, like for instance you seem to not trust me lately and I don’t understand why is there something in particular I am doing? Wait for the answer and say well I think you are getting the wrong impression. I would then say is there anything you are doing wrong that you need to talk to me about? Once the roles are reversed a little bit (except yours is done in a nice way), your partner will see how it feels to be accused of something he/she isn’t doing. Good Luck and for me the most important keys to a long lasting relationship is trust, honesty, and being able to work out differences because no relationship is perfect.

-Linnie Via Yahoo Answers

Never,,,never,,,never,,,once trust is broken it never returns

-Hopeing Via Yahoo Answers

A general rule of thumb when it comes to “wrongful accusations”, especially in regards to cheating, is that it is the accuser who is the one actually cheating, and they are using the “wrongful accusations” as a distraction technique. Something along the lines of. . . accuse them before they have a chance to accuse me. It’s a very warped sense of them processing their transgression and coping with their feelings towards their betrayal.

– celticbuddha Via Yahoo Answers

What’s your opinion?  Could you forgive your significant other?  Have you ever been accused of cheating before?

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