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What do You Think

It’s time again for everyone’s favorite segment: “What do you think?”


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It’s a known fact, a pretty woman can get anything she wants, but does that mean it’s right?  Actually, let’s be honest, any woman for the most part can get anything she wants.   Also a lot of women tend to feel like they are owed certain things because they are a woman.  Personally I don’t think that’s right, but a lot of people do and go along with it.  Basically, what I want to know is, how do you feel about women getting things based off the fact they are women (things meaning jewelry, cars, cash, etc.) and/or do you think women should automatically get certain things because they are a woman?


Should women automatically get certain things, just because she’s a woman?

Picture Courtesy of footage.shutterstock.com

Picture Courtesy of footage.shutterstock.com


Check out what some people had to say below, leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments section:


I have a low opinion of those that feel entitled, but it’s hard to attach morality to the law of supply and demand. There’s no should or shouldn’t when it comes to the way things work in the real world.


Attractive women are in very high demand, and there are wealthy men that are willing to buy their affections with gifts. For instance, there are countless beautiful women here in Los Angeles driving around in their luxury SUVs. A good percentage of them did absolutely nothing to earn the Mercedes G-class, the diamonds, and their 20 pairs of $2,000 Louboutins, unless you count winning the genetic lottery as a worthy profession.


Do I feel a little miffed at times that I could possibly be better off finding some rich sucker than finishing my PhD, working my butt off and becoming well established in my field? Of course, and I would never be happy in the long run if I took the easiest path. However, if a guy is stupid enough to shower a girl with material possessions in an attempt to win her affection, he probably needs to learn his lesson the hard way.


– Jennifer


Women have a pussy, and for that reason they feel that they deserve to be showered with gold and diamonds and other rights that they want. And they usually do get these things, up until about the age of 40. Then, after about 50, they find that their pussy is unwanted and that no guy will give them any special treatment, so for this reason most women over 50 prefer to live alone and without any men in their lives.


– Honesty_Counts Via Yahoo Answers


No one is obligated to give those things to women just because they’re women. That’s just something a lot of men do to keep their ladies happy. It’s not expected of men to do these things.


-Roland Smiley






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