Cheating: Why Do Women Blame the Other Woman?

Cheating - Why Do Women Blame the Other Woman

There has been an issue that has been plaguing me for a while.  It’s the issue of cheating, more in particular, why women blame the other woman.  I don’t get it.  Look ladies, even if the woman knows that he’s “your man,” it’s not her fault, mainly because, he’s “YOUR MAN,” it’s his responsibility to keep his “little man” in his pants, no matter how hard the woman is throwing her Kit Kat at him.  Think about it, he’s your man, key word there is “your”  and I’m pretty sure he knows that he’s your man, so there’s no reason why he should give in to any other chick that isn’t you.  Women need to stop blaming the other woman and start blaming the man and/or themselves.  And yes, I did say themselves.  Women please be honest with yourself, sometimes we can drive a man to cheat.

A man’s basic function is procreating.  Now while yes, I do completely agree, that men need to actually be MEN and think with their big head, not their small head, and I do also agree that just because a man’s basic instinct is to procreate that doesn’t mean he should be sticking it to every chick he meets, and if he’s going to agree to be in a committed relationship, then he needs to either be faithful or leave the relationship, HOWEVER, women need to stop and think about that.  Even though a man’s basic instinct is to procreate, he is still fighting that and deciding to be with you and only you, so don’t you think he deserves a little credit for that, and no the credit isn’t your lovely company, because as the old saying goes “There are Plenty of Fish in the Sea,” his credit should be a loving, caring, compassionate, woman who recognizes his worth and what a good man he is and is willing to show her appreciation for the fact he is a good man (now I know a lot of woman are reading this saying, oh well what if he isn’t a good man, and to that I say, “Why is he your man then,” please have more respect and better standards for yourself and be with a good man).  It’s ok to dress sexy for your man, it’s ok to NOT let yourself go just because you’ve been in a long term committed relationship or because he “put a ring on it,” it’s perfectly fine to cater to your man, because ladies, if you don’t cater to that good man you have, the man that takes care of the bills, works, treats you like a queen, treats your friends and families good, etc.  All men don’t cheat.  A lot of men that cheat; cheat because they aren’t getting what they are supposed to get at home.

Now, as for the dirty dog men, I’m talking the low down dirty man, that most of you women reading this article are thinking about, you ladies need to get angry at him and then again at yourself.  I say yourself, because you knew what kind of man you were getting with.  ALL dirty dog men and playas, give signs that they are just that, dirty dog men and playas.  Women STOP IGNORING THOSE SIGNS.  Madea said, “When someone show’s you who they are,  believe them,” and that is so true.  Women, please understand, you CANNOT change a man, as a matter of fact you can’t change anyone, only they can change themselves.  So if when you got with him he was showing signs of being a player or a dog, believe that he is a player or a dog and WALK AWAY ASAP.  It’s better to get over a little disappointment in the beginning, then to end up a bitter woman at the end.

What do you guy’s think?  Is it truly the side chick’s fault or is it the fault of the man?

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