Become Your Own Biggest Fan

Become Your Own Biggest Fan

When I moved to Florida, I decided to re-create myself.  But the trick to it, was that I wasn’t necessarily recreating myself, it was more like I decided that I was going to be the strong woman I wanted to be.  Instead of being walked all over, or not having a better relationship with God, or not trusting in myself, I decided to become the women I always wanted to be.

Create Yourself:

There is a type of dance human beings in relationships do; self-defense/attack.  I’m not referring to romantic relationships only.  I’m talking about all kinds of relationships; work, family and friendship.

We feel insecure, we cover up by attacking.  We feel hurt, we cover up by attacking.

Most of us are taught and trained to hit back when attacked. But, if we think about it, in most situations, that only leads to more discord. By reacting we fail to understand the ttack is coming from hurt and not hatred.  That most likely the best response is actually one of understanding.

As we grow as people we understand that sometimes others attack us not because they don’t love us, but because they don’t know what to do with their own hurt. Once we understand that we then start to develop compassion for their behavior.  We stop feeling attacked and instead comprehend and forgive.

Not attacking back or not being reactionary is not a sign of weakness, but actually a sign of strength.   Only a healthy ego can understand other people’s hurt without having to show off how wise it is.

This state of being is not something easy to master, but something worth while to invest in.  What I have learned to do is when attacked by someone I care about instead of reacting, I step aside.  I still have to work on the getting hurt part. It takes time to emotionally realize it is not personal. But, when I’m successful in stepping aside, I’m always surprised how the situation turns around without a show down simply because I exercised understanding and compassion.

Don’t take others reactions at face value.  If you are in any type of a relationship where from time to time there is an emotional attack out of nowhere, take a moment to think about the motivation.  Don’t react.  Exercise understanding and compassion.  Most situations will work themselves out.  And remember; it is a mark of your strength and growth.

I love this women’s blog.  As you guy’s may have noticed, I do reference her site often, and the reason is because this women is a great writer and has a lot of good ideas on how to be happier with yourself, and that’s the true key to happiness.  Being happy to yourself.  So go on over, and read her blog, and learn how to become your own biggest fan.

What are some of the things you do to keep yourself happy?

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