Black Women on Reality TV

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It seems like the trend these days is Reality TV.  And the biggest trend that Reality TV created is women fighting on TV.  It seems though that a lot of people believe that its only black women fighting on TV and a lot of people have issues with it.  First off, that’s not true, there are white women that fight on TV, but there fights are kind of boring, I’ve tried watching the other Real Housewives and the only ones besides Atlanta that I like is New Jersey, those chicks are awesome.  I have to say, I’m quite excited for the new season of Real Housewives of New Jersey.


But I want to ask why?  Why is there such an issue with women of any race going on TV and making money to fight?  I’ve read a lot of blogs and a lot of comments on those blogs, and the consensus seems to be that it makes women look bad, women should have more pride in themselves, women are making themselves look stupid, these reality women are setting back the women’s movement, etc.  Personally I think that’s all a bunch of BS.  I mean let’s be real.  A lot of women in the real world are petty, bitchy, argumentative, backstabbing, conniving, manipulative, etc.  And you know what, there’s not necessarily anything wrong with that.  I mean when you think about it, the world is not rosy, it’s not just Women that are all those things I listed above, men can be that way too, and as a functioning human in the world, you have to learn to deal with the bad.  It’s not always so easy to work with women.

Every woman has experienced that one bitchy coworker or that coworker who liked to kiss ass, or the coworker who wanted to tattle on you for every little thing, but look that’s life.  And frankly, that’s not all women.  Most women have some common sense and won’t throw a drink or try to molly whoop some chick’s ass because she didn’t like the way the women looked at her, but it does happen.  Now imagine if you got paid thousands of dollars to not only have a bitchy coworker but you also got paid to occasionally beat that ass.  Now I’m not saying I’d go on a reality show like Bad Girls Club, or Basketball Wives or any of those other types of reality shows.  Mainly because my temper is not all that great and I could see myself probably seriously hurting someone because some of the things I’ve seen on these shows is ridiculous, but at the end of the day, that’s just it, it’s ridiculous entertainment.  I think it’s more ridiculous the amount of people who actually believe the scripted fights and the scripted “confessions.”  These shows are jobs.  That’s it.  None of its real, but it does make for great gossip and entertainment.

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