To Be or Not to Be… A Baby Mama

Royce Reed

The Twitter beef that was going on between Royce and her boyfriend’s baby mama, got me to thinking about the choice of whether to become a baby mama or not. Reading the information regarding what went down between Royce and her boyfriend’s baby mama made me think about something I’ve always felt. I refuse to be a baby mama. I always use protection and will continue to use protection, until I am a married woman.

Now I’ve always felt this way, and as far back as I can remember whenever the conversation of baby mamas came up or whether to be a baby mama, or etc. once I stated my opinion, I usually always had one woman that would say to me “Oh well you can get divorced,” and my feelings about that were always, yeah that’s true, but the difference is he HAS to pay child support, he HAS to see the kid (and even though he may not, consider this, the man you marry probably isn’t going to drop out on his kid, that is if you marry an actual man and not one of these little boys that run around, pretending to be a man), oh and you are an Ex-wife, not a baby mama, which means that you weren’t just some chick he ran up raw in with promises of being with you forever. You were a woman that he actually felt he could be with forever and proved that.

Royce, BF, Baby Mama

I don’t have anything against baby mamas, truthfully I think they are incredibly strong, because I don’t know how I would feel getting pregnant by a man and he just up and leaves and then I’m pregnant by myself and raising my child by myself, or worse, he stays through the pregnancy and then one day just decides he’s good and just walks off.

I guess my biggest issue regarding the baby mama thing is that people seem so fine with it. Like whatever happened to falling in love, getting married, enjoying married life for a bit and then having a baby. I don’t even think people realize what the children go through being products of unwed parents. I am a product of unwed parents and let me tell you, getting any type of paperwork, like my birth certificate for instance, was hell and it was simple because my parents weren’t married.

What do you think?

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One thought on “To Be or Not to Be… A Baby Mama

  1. Hi Kitty,

    I liked your post until I read the part about “baby mamas being left all alone”. It’s 2014 not the 80’s. Women kick the baby dad out of THEIR lives or leave him not “get left all alone”.

    Every situation is different.

    Women would be better unmarried to her child’s father instead of having shotgun weddings, dealing with the other kids he’ll have with other women then ultimately divorcing him. It’s such a bad example for the children.

    I never thought I’d be a baby mama. After comprehending the results of the pregnancy test my first thought was “We have to get engaged/married right away”. I had my child out of wedlock and my parents are very glad I didn’t have a shotgun wedding. Marrying my child’s father at that time would have been a big mistake. I have more time to research the concept of marriage from an emotional, financial and legal point of view.

    I wanted to change him which wad not accepting him as he was. Marriage would have been an extruciating experience for us and our daughter.

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