Why Black Women Are So Angry

Why Black Women Are So Angry

I find it interesting that black women are considered to be the angriest of races around.  Most black women are not angry.  We are just very strong, independent, unyielding, resilient, and loyal.  Most of the time a black woman gets unfairly labeled with the “angry black women” stereotype,   Usually the women had a right to be mad (let’s face it, having your man cheat on you, or your bosses taking advantage of you, kids that want to be assholes, backstabbing girlfriends, etc. can really grate on your nerves after a while), and that there reader is my point.  Out of all the races, the black woman has it hard as hell.  We get stereotyped no matter what.  It doesn’t matter if we had a good reason to be angry, or hell it doesn’t even matter if you rarely ever get angry.  Just get mad one time, and see how quickly you will get the looks and the label of the “Angry Black Women.”  It’s very sad, black women can’t even speak passionately about something without being called angry (think Michelle Obama’s passionate speech awhile back).

Let me tell you something, black women are the way we are because we have to be.  Take a look at the history of a black women, it has always been our job to run the house, take care of the man, the kids, the rest of the family, and in some cultures, the community.  Black women stand by their children, their man, their sibling, their momma, their daddy, their girl, etc., NO MATTER WHAT they do, black women will step up and be the mommy, daddy, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, and anything else that may be needed.  Take a look at the Big Mama epidemic.  Most Big Mama’s are black and they are the crux of the family.  No one makes a move without consulting Big Mama, and if you are in trouble and/or need help, you call Big Mama and she will figure it out and fix it for you.  It takes a strong individual to deal with that many different variables, and yet the black women does it, and does it with a smile on her face, for the most part, so when you see a black woman and she may be a little angry, or she may have a bit of an attitude, take a step back and remember, she may have a whole lot on her plate, and doesn’t need nor deserve your judgment.  Not now or ever.

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