Want to Know A Secret?

Woman Whispering into Friend's Ear

Ladies, want to know the secret to getting what you want from a man?  Well Peep Game has the secret.

Via Peep Game:

Peep Game: When you want to create a new experience with a man/men, you must literally create it!  You should create the experience you want with your target(s) mentally before you attempt to Run Game or Pimp a situation .  The end result should be a concrete image in your mind BEFORE you Spit/Run your GAME!

I’ve tried the visualization technique, and I have to say it does work.  The real trick is to truly believe in it.  You see, you have to believe and know that you deserve whatever you are visualizing (depending on what you are visualizing implement necessary steps as well) and once you do that you will get what you want.

So far it’s working for me.  I say so far because some of the things I’ve been visualizing still need to happen LOL.

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