To Be a Side Chick or Not To Be A Side Chick

To Be a Side Chick or Not To Be A Side Chick

That apparently is still the question in 2013.  I remember last year the motto amongst a lot of women was, “These Hoes Stay Winning.”   As we round out 2013, I’m finding that now we are having the side chick debate. You know, the one asking which is basically is it better,  to be a side chick and/or is the side chick to be blamed?  Personally, I have to say the man is the one to blame.  Before I get into why at the end of the day, it’s the man’s fault, let’s take a look at the side chick debate from both sides.

Wife/Girlfriend Point of View:

As the wife/girlfriend of said man, you have put in work to make this man yours.  You’ve listened to his corny jokes, supported his hopes, dreams and aspirations, have been there with him through thick and thin.  In the case of the wife, you have his last name and ring, which obviously means he loves, respects, and supports you at all times, and you do the same to him.  But sometimes life gets in the way, and you can’t always be as supportive as you used to be, or sex him like you used to, and that’s where the other side comes in. The side chick.

Side Chick Point of View:

Depending on what type of side chick you are (the kind that wants to take another woman’s man, or the kind that just likes sleeping with other women’s men because it’s less of a hassle) not all of this will be your point of view.  But generally, the side chick’s point of view, is look, you are his wife/girlfriend, therefore you have a certain responsibility and if you don’t handle your responsibilities, then it’s her job to handle them for you.

Remember, both of the above points of view is a basic generalization and, of course, there’s a lot more to both point of views. For all that, the common denominator is the man.  Once a man decides he wants to be committed to a woman, it is his responsibility, NO MATTER WHAT, to not fall for WHATEVER, any other woman is throwing at him.  Seriously, think about it ladies, first of all, your man is supposed to love, respect, and honor you, and he is not doing that by screwing some other woman.  I find it funny a woman will stand by a man through thick and thin, no matter what, and it’s expected of her to do so. Despite all that, when it comes to a man, it’s ok if he strays  because the woman wasn’t doing what she was supposed to do.  Humph, what kind of ass backward thinking is that?  Look, I have been a side chick, as well as been cheated on, and I will tell you in each situation, that the man wasn’t shit.  Hell he wasn’t even a man, he was a little boy, because real men won’t fall for it.

What do you guys think?  Is there even a purpose for a side chick debate?  Are you truly the only fault in these types of situations?  What about you side chicks out there?  How do you really feel?

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