Now That Your Friend Is Married, Should You Date Her Ex

Now That Your Friend Is Married, Should You Date Her Ex

I was over at Madame Noire and I saw this:

Last weekend, I got a text message from a friend who told me that another one of our friends is dating another one of our friend’s ex-boyfriends. Confused yet? Let me add some (fake) names.

In college, Janelle and Angel were good friends. For a while, they were even roommates. During that time, Janelle was in a relationship with a guy named Will. She and Will were together for a while then eventually broke up. Last year, Janelle married some other guy. Now, Angel is dating Will.

Ok, first off, I’m going to say, F that.  If your friend is married, then hell yeah you can date her ex.  There should be no reason why you can’t.  Now in the above scenario, you definitely should be able to date your friend’s ex.  The friend and said ex were together back in College, and the way the story goes, it seems like they graduated from college A WHILE ago, so I don’t see a problem.  However, check out what else the author had to say:

My first thought was, “So what? Janelle is married. What does she care?”  Most women agree that dating your friend’s ex is uncouth, but does the rule change if said friend gets married?

I thought about it some more and realized that – right or wrong – I would be livid if one of my closest friends was dating one of my exes.

And that there is the problem with women.  Like are you freaking serious.  First of all, you’re married.  If you’re not happily married, that’s not your friend’s problem, that’s yours; therefore, she should be able to date your ex with no problems.  It’s completely selfish to be married but not want your friend to be happy, no matter who it is with.  Truthfully if I was married, I wouldn’t give a flying flip if my friends dated my exes, because I know NONE of them can even hold a candle to the man I married, and frankly every woman should feel that way about the man she married, and if she doesn’t, then she shouldn’t have married him.  Maybe she should’ve been thinking more about having a marriage and not having a wedding.

Most of the time, I’m an advocate of the whole never date your friend’s ex, but in this case, I’d say dump the friend and keep the boyfriend, because regardless of whether or not the relationship will work out, the friendship is already toxic.

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