How to Get Money From Thirsty Guys

How to Get Money From Thirty Guys

Over at, they have an interesting article, 11 Tips for Getting Money from Thirsty Men, and the tips are priceless.  I feel like if men are going to be thirsty, then they deserve to be taken advantage of.  Let’s be real, men do it to women every day.

Check out all of the tips after the JUMP.

Tip #1: Find out if the guy really has any money or if he’s just perpetrating like he does

Tip #2: Determine whether or not you can deal with the thirsty guy (phone calls, date nights, etc.)

Tip #3: Categorize him according to your needs & decide on an action plan

Tip #4: Emphasize your BUSY NESS BUS-I-NESS

Tip #5: Emphasize quality and “Fine” living

Tip #6: Be up front and direct – as up front & direct as he would be about communicating what he wants

Tip #7; Avoid the cheaper shots, make him pay to play

Tip #8: Keep it sweet and sexy

Tip #9: Understand “His” logic

Tip #10: Look for signs he’s fake balling, money makers ain’t sweating chump change

Tip #11: Presentation is everything, create illusions when necessary

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