Oh So You Wanna Be A Spartan?

Oh So You Wanna Be A Spartan

A lot of women I know won’t EVER pay for a man.  And I mean EVER.  I once had a friend call me and ask me if she should bring her man some food because he was hungry.  The reason she was calling me was because she, and I quote, “Doesn’t like to be played,” mind you though, this is the guy she chose to make her boyfriend and have around her son, yet she didn’t know if she should bring him food or not.  I don’t understand women these days.  If he’s good enough to make your man and to meet your son, then he is good enough for you to bring food too, and if he’s not, then he shouldn’t be your man.

Women slay me, they run around talking about how they are Spartans, and men can’t take advantage of them, but then when they are faced with a simple task, it becomes a big deal.

Check out what I saw over at Baller Alert:

There are 10 reasons why men do not pay, today I’ll share 3 just to let you draw some conclusions of your own as well.

  1. Changing times.  Women have climbed the ladder of success since the Suffrage Movement.  Today many women make just as much or more money than men.  Ironically, men are aware of this fact.
  2. Ms. Independent.  Congrats to this “persona” for letting men off the hook.  She makes money, can pay her own bills, is loved by Beyonce and Ne-Yo, tells men all the time that she does not need anyone!  Guess what?  Men believe her.
  3. Poor Ho Syndrome.  It’s not that men don’t pay for things anymore, they just do not pay for YOU.  Some of you dames just don’t act, look or even think you are worth a price.  You want to be “priceless” in the eyes of men because you are scared of the effects of money!  This means that you have subliminally concluded that men view money as an obstacle to you.  So you pretend that money means nothing to you as if cash is an evil spirit.  You try NOT to act like a gold digger so men won’t look at you as a “user.”  You want to be viewed as genuine, compassionate and supportive so you don’t ask much of men other than kind words and companionship.  You tell men you don’t want much in hopes that they will give you more out of the goodness of their hearts and their demonstrated “love” or “lust” for you.  In other words, if you can get a man to give more than kind words and companionship, into the realm of gifts and even financial support without you ever really asking for such things- these men validate you on multiple levels.  It says to you that you are worth it, you have influence and that the man did it because he wanted to.  I’ve seen countless relationships end with women saying, “I never asked for you to spend all that money on me!”  While the guy is screaming, “What about the money I gave you, the car, the rent or mortgage payment, the jewelry…did you think I was just doing that shit for free?”  Poor Ho syndrome ends badly.  It’s nothing more than an attempt by women of this type to draw men into their fantasy (without telling men) of being chosen, worth something, all validated by men doing emotional and financial favors without ever being asked by women.  It’s a chaotic illusion.  How “romantic” that thought must be.  Yet when things do not happen, Poor Ho syndrome leaves a woman asking, “How can I get men to do financially relevant favors for me?”  It’s like they set the Poor Ho bed and are stuck lying in it for free!  From my Rich Hos to you….

Rich Ho Cold Hard facts:

  1. Start High, Sell High: Rich hos don’t even look like they don’t cost money.  Men understand from the start that they need to impress.  These women wear entitlement complexes gracefully.  When the check comes to the table they don’t offer to pay, look at their purses or even bother to check the tab to see how much dinner and drinks are.  They order without checking with their date what the “budget” is.  If a man dares ask them to pay half of anything, that will be the last question he gets to ask.
  2. Men Pay.  Rich Hos know that when a man is impressed, he works hard to impress.  If not you, it will be another bitch he deems worth his time and money.  When with a man ask him who his dream date or celebrity crush is.  He will share the names of gorgeous women.  Then ask yourself, “Would he tell her to pay half of the bill?”  No he would not.  So why is he asking you to pay?  Rich women know this.  These women position themselves on a pedestal.  Poor Hos wait to be placed on one by men via kind words and companionship but find out where they stand when the bill comes and he says, “You got this one right?”
  3. Truth Frees.  “I don’t pay on dates.  That’s just not how I am.”  Simple, direct and unapologetic.  Rich Hos can say this without a lump in their throat in fear that men will go away and find a cheaper broad.  Rich Hos know they are worth it.  They set the precedence and never negotiate their stance on this issue.  Poor Hos doubt their ability to live up to expectations men have that don’t mind pulling out the plastic (that’s credit card for you dumb hos out there).

Source: Baller Alert

I like the chick that writes this blog.  For the most part she gives some damn good advice, and it’s one of those things, if you don’t like it, don’t read it.  Now in the above, she makes some very good pointers.  If you want to be treated like a Queen then act like a Queen, and don’t apologize for it.

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