Think Positive and Positive Things Will Happen

Picture Courtesy of Madame Noire

Picture Courtesy of Madame Noire

As I get older and continue on in my endeavors, I’m always shocked whenever I come across people that still think negatively.  I for one don’t get the point of thinking negatively.  For one it takes up a lot of energy, and two, why bother.  I mean for all of the energy and thoughts that one person puts into thinking negatively, they could just as easily be using all of that energy thinking positively instead.

When someone thinks positively they end up attracting positive energy.  It’s so simple, but yet, not a lot of people seem to get it.

Via PeepGame:

Yes, men are visual creatures.  Yes, looks come into Play in theDating Game.  But,  above and beyond looks…ENERGY is one of the BIG SECRETS to attracting men.  If and when you want to increase the number of men who approach you, who look at you walk by, and who want to date you…fine tune your ENERGY!

Peep Game:

(1) Develop an appreciation for adoration, compliments, and attention!

(2) Learn to LOVE the company of men!

(3) Keep your SELF-CONFIDENCE high!

(4) Use the opposite sex!

I really love this women’s blog because she gives great advice.  Regardless of whether you are looking for a man or looking to better your life, thinking positively is the number one thing you need to do.

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